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Archive for May, 2016

Get The Most Of Your Housekeeping Staff

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

Most companies often ignore the housekeeping staffs who are kept for cleaning and general upkeep of the premises. Whether they are outsourced members or workers on the company payroll, they also need to be motivated to do their best. When they regard their work with pride and find that others notice the difference they create, get housekeeping services will improve and the staff would be motivated to continue their work at optimal levels.

Recognize efforts

Most companies might find the housekeeping staff to be too menial and insignificant to mention about their work and how regular they are in their duties. However, even lapse of a few hours of their absence can bring down anarchy when toilets remain soiled and unclean or the pantry area is not attended to. It is necessary to recognize the efforts that the commercial cleaning guys put in and they need to be made to feel as if they are part of the office team.

Reward for regular and exemplary work

While most workers are getting paid to come in and do their work daily, with a little extra reward or recognition they will feel motivated to put in their best. Hence, with rewards for punctuality for the housekeeping staff for recognizing deeds like staying in late hours to clean up after everyone has left the building, will go a long way to help the workers feel appreciated and to know that they are being looked after by the office people. Many companies tend to appoint reputable commercial cleaning in Belmont services and forget about looking at the workers appointed at their office premise.

Make them feel part of the team

If there is an office celebration, help them to join in and enjoy as well. Cleaning staff might not be able to put down their tools and take a drink, but being given time off or asked to take back food packets for their family members would be simple but effective gestures that they are being treated as part of the company and not simply as cleaning staff of the premises.

Get better results

It is necessary to keep up the motivation of the housekeeping staff and to let them know that their efforts are being noted. As you would admonish the cleaning service who sends in a staff late to work or fails to substitute an absent employee, you need to recognize good work and mention the same to the employer or vendor. Awarding bonuses to these employees end of the year would also help to motivate them and they would surely want to be regular and do good work on the premises of the client firms where they are assigned.

How To Maintain A Healthy Garden?

Monday, May 16th, 2016

Maintaining a healthy garden is no fun and games. You have to give your fullest if you’re expecting the best from your garden. Your garden will be composed of trees, plants and beautiful flowers. Each of these have different ways to be taken care of.

Taking care of trees
The best thing about planting trees in your garden is that they provide shade. Get the help from tree loppers in Emerald, if needed. Avoid parking your vehicles under the trees as it would damage the soil. Keep an eye on the leaves of the trees and tree trunks for diseases. If you notice anything different, take immediate action against them. Add the right amount of water and fertilizer because too much and too little of water and fertilizer can affect the growth of your trees. If you are constructing any building or a pathway, leave enough space from the trees so that no damage is caused to the roots of the trees.

Before buying

Before buying any plant, you should examine the plants carefully. If you buy any plant that is infected, the disease will spread to the rest of the plants which can cause major damage. Do proper research on how to identify an infected plant. Look closely for any sort of spots on leaves, roots and presence of insects. The roots of the plants that you are buying has to be light colored and firm. Don’t buy plants which have dark roots.

Take care of the soil

If the soil of your garden isn’t healthy, your plants will not grow up to their full potential. It is better not to add artificial fertilizer because these fertilizer will get washed away to the water streams with rain water, promoting the growth of algae on the surface of water. This process is called eutrophication and it can lead to the death of the aquatic animals. Adding compost to the soil will supply the soil with the required minerals that helps the growth of your plants.

When watering

Water fuels the growth of the plants. However, too much of water will wash off all the nutrients in the soil. Wet the soil around your plant rather than wetting the leaves. If the plants are wet at night, the chances of the plants getting infected by a disease is high. It is best to water your plants in the morning.

Pests and weed

Pests and weeds damage your plants in ways that it cannot be reversed. Look out for weeds in your garden and if you spot one, get rid of it immediately. If not, it will spread to the rest of the garden causing a damage. Pests can also eat up all your plants. Keep your plants away from pests using the best possible ways.


Who Should I Hire?

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

There are a plethora of professions available nowadays and they cater for so many different things, services and fields. This is how fast the world if developing and it is a good way to combat unemployment. But sometimes people tend to get confused as to who they should hire to get their work done. Customers look for people who are trustworthy and have a good resume. They also want a service provider who works on time and gives a quality service. When building a house there are so many things one must keep in mind and it is not an easy task. One wants the house to last long and therefore must get quality materials to build it and good masons to construct it brick by brick.

One could hire an architect to get the drawing of one’s home because the architect will make sure that every corner of the house is well ventilated and they also make sure that the space is utilised efficiently to build the house. One could also hire an engineer to get a list of materials needed for the building and engineers also know of places where one could buy cheap building material for a cheaper price yet it has a good quality. For the fixation of the pipe lines it is best to hire a plumber as they have years of experience and they know exactly how to connect all the pipe lines and place the drainage system. An electrician could fix all the electrical cables and make sure they are plugged in properly to avoid any accidents.

But the building of the house is the easy part and what’s hard is to maintain it. It is best if one could keep one’s own home clean all by one’s self instead of getting help as you can’t trust anyone nowadays and one could find so many rogues amidst the good people and it is very hard to differentiate. But for small matters like cleaning ones carpet one could hire a certified carpet cleaners in Perth.

Carpet cleaners have the necessary equipment to do the job well. One could also call an agency to do a full vacuum in the house and this could be done at least once a year that can be a fresher-looking carpets.

If it is tiring to wash ones curtains, sofas covers and pillow cases one could give it for dry cleaning but this is very expensive and could cost a ton. One could even get a maid to clean and sweep ones home on a daily basis if one has to go for work because sometimes you tend to come home late after work and get really tired so it is very difficult to manage house work in this case.

Keeping Your Exterior Clean And Pleasant

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

There are so many ways in keeping your interior clean and shiny. But how often do we pop the subject of keeping our exterior clean and tidy? Well, not so often because we tend to forget about it with all the indoor cleaning and decluttering. This is why in this article we came up with those often overlooked places where you need to take you’re cleaning to the outside. Take a look!
Keep your walls and fences clean
Dirt and stained walls and fences give an unpleasant look for your exterior. This is why from time to time you need to remove them and keep it all clean. Dirt and debris are likely to accumulate. For this you can use pressure washers to get rid off from it. Some of these pressure washers come with color coded spray as well. Another is to remove those stains and graffiti. Some passers-by are so annoying when they leave their prints on your wall. So, check for the stain removals for brick walls in your shopping mall. You can also contact a good graffiti removal service in your area to bring back your walls to its former glory.
Your decks and patios
Having them is not the whole point but you also need to keep them clean. For this you can pressure wash but make sure you don’t stay and wash in the same place because it can cause damage to the surface. Also the furniture and steps should also be cleaned. You can apply wood preservatives to avoid discoloration and water damage.
Clean windows
Clean windows will help you to have a good view of your exterior from indoors. One aspect of cleaning your home includes this too. For this you can do it by yourself or even contact a professional window cleaning service as well. Not just windows but all glass surfaces outdoors like glass pool fences, exterior balustrades and much more. Check online for the different window cleaner recipes if you want to do it in an inexpensive way.
The gutters
It’s important that you keep your gutters all clean and away from debris and fallen leaves. This can clog the waterways and increase problems in water disposal systems of your house. Plus, a gutter full of fallen leaves and twigs is not a good appearance at all. While you clear your gutter check for the cracks.
Get rid of that junk
You might be having fallen leaves, branches, and piles of dirt in your garden and it’s a clear impression of a messy garden. So, remove dead plants and flowers and you can turn them into valuable compost. For this add your dead leaves as well. Even the cut grass can be used. This not only neatens your garden but also helps you to make DIY compost instead of spending money for it.