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The only tree in the Garden of Eden that Adam and Eve were allowed to take cuttings is the agarwood tree. Agarwood is an expensive, rare source of the essential oil which is counted among world’s most precious natural essential oils.

This oudh oil rather the tree has a great religious value among almost all the leading religions including Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. The alluring scent of the agarwood recreates peace of mind, soul and offers serenity. Agarwood also has various medicinal uses that are well known in the Asian countries. It has been used by the physicians of ancient era in China, Tibet, India, and Arabian countries to treat several physical and mental difficulties.

Uses of agarwood Oil

There are distinct uses of the Oudh Oil blend. It is heard; in ancient time King Louis XVI used agarwood perfumes to wash his cloths. It is also known that in Japan the Samurai used to apply agarwood essence before going to the battle field. At present as well, Japan and the Arabian countries are the largest producer and purchaser of the agarwood oil. In the Middle Eastern countries, the agarwood artisans prepare world-class products and export it worldwide. The luxurious agarwood wood chips and essential oil is a part of Middle East Asian tradition for centuries. The luxurious and extremely precious agarwood oil, aroma, perfume, essence and incenses help get mental tranquillity and a symbol of sophistication. The leading craftsmen involved in manufacturing the best products are involved in the business from generation to generation and particularly in the Middle Eastern countries it has become a heritage. The world salutes the workmen for their incessant struggle to offer the world the best fragrance. Visit this link for more info on Oudh Oil Blend.

Essential Oil that the World Desires for

Agarwood has a mythical value, medicinal value, and most valuably it is desired by the world for its captivating sweet-smell. The divine fragrance has increased the demand of it and the rarity of it made it precious. In wilds of Middle Eastern Asia and South Eastern Asia agarwood grows and produces high class resin which is used to extract this essential oil. But the quantity produced wildly is not enough to meet the demand even half. Therefore, these days, agarwood trees are economically cultivated and the resin oozing process is also done artificially. The agarwood trees are infected with fungus Phialophora Parasitica artificially to cause the tree trickle dark thick resin as a protective method against fungal attack. As much the tree gets affected by the fungus, it oozes the resin. From the high quality resin best quality oil is extracted and therefore, used in various purposes. In the western world, agarwood essential oil has become hot favorite in the perfume industry.

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