Ethan Gibbs/ July 8, 2016/ Business Services

A with compliment slip is a small piece of paper which contains the detailed information which is present in your letterhead or business card and is designed in accordance to the brand theme. The ‘with compliment slip’ contains words complimented regarding the brand and in many cases, these are hand written.

A with compliment slip is traditionally used for documents, products, catalogues which are either requested or purchased by the client or consumer. These are also used for routine request for the client relationship management process. This slip is also useful for creating a personal touch with the client or the consumer and is also effective in creating human interaction. Given its importance you should choose the printing service for making these slips. You can also find online printing services that offer attractive slips or even brochure printing.

In such a slip you can write according to your choice, there is no strict rule assigned and also you can write something creative. But while writing you must keep in mind that you must not write an essay or waffling sentences, it must be short and well informative. In this slip the best option is to write thank you or send a quick message. The note written on the with complimentary slip is totally according to your choice but it must be short and gratifying. While you place your order to any of the online printing services you have chosen, make sure you have informed them about your requirement. Visit this link for more details on online printing services.

Such a slip is designed in no particular size- it may vary according to different brands and preference of the brand owner. The size can be ranged from the size of a business card to that of A4 size paper, but the standard size of a ‘with compliment slip’ is considered as 210mmX99mm. This size is preferred as it can easily be inserted in an envelope without folding it. And when the size of the slip is larger than a business card then that it can be easily seen when it is send with a parcel.

This slip works as an important part of the stationary collection and follows the brand identity. The theme present in the compliment slip helps to convey the information of the aim of the brand, and its target and its function performed.

With a well stock of with compliment slip you can give an exposure of your brand. This slip will assure the clients or consumers to receive an informal and personalised note from you when they don’t have even expected.

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