Ethan Gibbs/ June 7, 2016/ Business Services


What is it?

Have you ever had to convert verbal interviews and meetings into written form? Anyone who has will realise that this is one of the most menial and laboured tasks in the world. However, for the sake of accountability and transparency, corporations demand that most verbal meeting and interviews be converted in to written form to corroborate the events. This process that involves converting verbal word into written form is known as transcribing and there are number of companies that will do this work on a contract basis. So today we have assembled a few benefits as to why you should consider outsourcing this task and hiring such companies rather than doing it in house.

Cost effective

Firstly, choosing audio transcription services is the most cost effective choice. This task is not a full time position and work will only be there when the need arises. This is why choosing to outsource this task would be beneficial to the organisation as it would allow for the work to be done on case by case basis. This would mean that a full time position would be a waste of man power and personnel and this could be directed towards more meaningful work. Thus by eliminating the position and outsourcing the work, you not only get the job done, but you get the job done for a cost effective price and increase productivity by directing the personnel towards more meaningful work.


Another benefit of hiring audio transcription services is that when you outsource such work, the firms which handle this type of work will have a specialised skill set which you will have access to, and this will include the combined experience of number of team members. This means that you will get the experience of multiple members for the price of one. This means that a number of people who would know how to deal with any problems that might arise and will have the experience to deal with it.

Another benefit of outsourcing the work is that it is convenient. You get all the work done for less and by those who handle this type of work on a regular basis which, as they have a certain expertise in it. This would mean that their work would be of a higher quality but as it would be outsourced, the responsibility of regulating the position would not be there. Essentially, it is the benefit of doing the job while not having to worry about the responsibility of getting the job done.



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