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There are several home owners who fear dipping their hands into the home improvement pool. Why? Simply because they feel it would end up breaking their banks.

From emergency glass repairs to appliance face lifts, there are several affordable and easy home improvement upgrades that you can opt for. You can get little things done without spending a fortune yet bless your home with the much needed upgrade.

Reframing the entry

The very first thing which your guests would notice while entering your home would be the windows and doors. Opt for professional window services as there are experienced professional getting this job done at an affordable rate. For the front door, get it refinished or repaint it. In case your front door is made of basic steel which has gotten old and dented, you could get it replaced through cheap fiberglass or affordable looking steel door. If you are ready to pitch in a little more, then opting for wood grain door would be great. If there are old and flimsy door knobs ensure that these get changed immediately with better looking lock and handles.

Kitchen upgrade

Kitchen is regarded as the heart of the house. For just about some hundred dollars you will be able to replace the kitchen faucet set and get the handles of the cabinet door replaced. Worn out lighting fixtures could get upgraded with ones that are energy efficient. You can opt for a complete makeover of the cabinet if you are ready to slightly rise a bit higher with your budget. Do not opt for buying a new cabinet which would turn out being too expensive; instead opt for the re-facing option. Simply get the cabinet boxes refurnished and replace the old door and drawers. If your cabinet is not mica, you can simply run a fresh coat of paint which will be enough to do the trick!

Bless appliances with a face-lift

If you notice that the appliances in your kitchen do not match, you could order for new panels and doors from any manufacturer. Many of them will customize it for you. There are several dishwasher panels which may be white from the outside however black at the other end. The process is simple because all that you would need to do is remove a few screws and slide the panel and flip it, and the work is all done!

Bathroom needs to get buffed

After the kitchen section, your bathroom turns out being a very important room in the house. You can improve its appearance without having to spend a lot. Simple things like getting new toilet seat and pedestal installed is easy, at the same time, it will give a new look to the toilet without making a hole in your pocket.


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