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PVC or polyvinyl chloride pipes and fittings are nowadays found in most homes. Such fittings are used to connect two or more pieces of PVC pipes. With such fittings a union is created as well as end pieces are created for more items to connect. There are certain standard sizes in which PVC fittings and pipes are created. They are usually of .5 inches to 4 inches in width. The fittings are used in different applications and help in transferring water in homes as well as in garden areas.

Versatility of PVC

With PVC the problem of corrosion and erosion due to water contact is removed. Hence, pipes and fittings that need to transfer water usually see this material being used. In business places as well as in homes the fittings and water pipes are made of PVC. The fittings vary as per the flow direction that is required. T pipe fittings are used when one pipe enters and flow of water needs to be in two different directions. There are pipe fittings that are designed to be bent at 45 degree angle. This helps to change the water flow and is often used in studios or in other places in home plumbing. The efficient up front pricing plumbing software is offered as per the pipes and fittings that are required to be set up.

Other kinds of fittings

There are several types of fittings in PVC pipes. For instance, there is the union or the coupler fittings. There is a reducer which has a larger circle on one end and a smaller one on the other. This helps to control water flow, especially if the flow is from a larger pipe to a smaller one. Reducers can help to increase water pressure as well as the volume of flow is reduced. This type of fitting is ideal when water is entering is at home or in lawn sprinkler systems. The union or coupler pipe fittings are like sleeves that slide over each end at a joint and hold two pipe pieces together. The other form is the cap fitting which is used when the flow of water needs to be capped off at a point. This is also incorporated in T fittings at times when water flow needs to be stopped at a point and forced out through the other.

Today it is possible to employ a plumbing service through the plumbing software. This helps to order in a service as and when they require the same and get it scheduled as per one’s convenience.

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