Ethan Gibbs/ May 19, 2016/ Improvements & Maintenance

Most companies often ignore the housekeeping staffs who are kept for cleaning and general upkeep of the premises. Whether they are outsourced members or workers on the company payroll, they also need to be motivated to do their best. When they regard their work with pride and find that others notice the difference they create, get housekeeping services will improve and the staff would be motivated to continue their work at optimal levels.

Recognize efforts

Most companies might find the housekeeping staff to be too menial and insignificant to mention about their work and how regular they are in their duties. However, even lapse of a few hours of their absence can bring down anarchy when toilets remain soiled and unclean or the pantry area is not attended to. It is necessary to recognize the efforts that the commercial cleaning guys put in and they need to be made to feel as if they are part of the office team.

Reward for regular and exemplary work

While most workers are getting paid to come in and do their work daily, with a little extra reward or recognition they will feel motivated to put in their best. Hence, with rewards for punctuality for the housekeeping staff for recognizing deeds like staying in late hours to clean up after everyone has left the building, will go a long way to help the workers feel appreciated and to know that they are being looked after by the office people. Many companies tend to appoint reputable commercial cleaning in Belmont services and forget about looking at the workers appointed at their office premise.

Make them feel part of the team

If there is an office celebration, help them to join in and enjoy as well. Cleaning staff might not be able to put down their tools and take a drink, but being given time off or asked to take back food packets for their family members would be simple but effective gestures that they are being treated as part of the company and not simply as cleaning staff of the premises.

Get better results

It is necessary to keep up the motivation of the housekeeping staff and to let them know that their efforts are being noted. As you would admonish the cleaning service who sends in a staff late to work or fails to substitute an absent employee, you need to recognize good work and mention the same to the employer or vendor. Awarding bonuses to these employees end of the year would also help to motivate them and they would surely want to be regular and do good work on the premises of the client firms where they are assigned.

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