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Maintaining a healthy garden is no fun and games. You have to give your fullest if you’re expecting the best from your garden. Your garden will be composed of trees, plants and beautiful flowers. Each of these have different ways to be taken care of.

Taking care of trees
The best thing about planting trees in your garden is that they provide shade. Get the help from tree loppers in Emerald, if needed. Avoid parking your vehicles under the trees as it would damage the soil. Keep an eye on the leaves of the trees and tree trunks for diseases. If you notice anything different, take immediate action against them. Add the right amount of water and fertilizer because too much and too little of water and fertilizer can affect the growth of your trees. If you are constructing any building or a pathway, leave enough space from the trees so that no damage is caused to the roots of the trees.

Before buying

Before buying any plant, you should examine the plants carefully. If you buy any plant that is infected, the disease will spread to the rest of the plants which can cause major damage. Do proper research on how to identify an infected plant. Look closely for any sort of spots on leaves, roots and presence of insects. The roots of the plants that you are buying has to be light colored and firm. Don’t buy plants which have dark roots.

Take care of the soil

If the soil of your garden isn’t healthy, your plants will not grow up to their full potential. It is better not to add artificial fertilizer because these fertilizer will get washed away to the water streams with rain water, promoting the growth of algae on the surface of water. This process is called eutrophication and it can lead to the death of the aquatic animals. Adding compost to the soil will supply the soil with the required minerals that helps the growth of your plants.

When watering

Water fuels the growth of the plants. However, too much of water will wash off all the nutrients in the soil. Wet the soil around your plant rather than wetting the leaves. If the plants are wet at night, the chances of the plants getting infected by a disease is high. It is best to water your plants in the morning.

Pests and weed

Pests and weeds damage your plants in ways that it cannot be reversed. Look out for weeds in your garden and if you spot one, get rid of it immediately. If not, it will spread to the rest of the garden causing a damage. Pests can also eat up all your plants. Keep your plants away from pests using the best possible ways.


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