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Cleaning windows always seems like a drag for many homeowners, but the reason to this is that they expect a lot of rubbing and getting drenched in water and detergent. The truth however, is that most people simply clean windows the wrong way – in truth, window cleaning is a very easy chore which won’t cost you more than a couple of hours for your entire house. Read on below to find out how you can make your windows sparkle!

• Prepare the solution – you have to start with getting ready your cleaning solution. This is nothing too hard – all you need is water and detergents (the ones especially meant to clean windows are recommended). Some also recommended warm and vinegar, but window cleaning services Perth experts mention that using this solution will make it hard to use a squeegee, so keep that in mind if you end up using vinegar and water. Contrary to popular belief, warm water is not necessary; normal cold water and a little detergent mixed in will be enough to clean your windowpanes.

• Mop your window – your next step is to dip your mop into the solution and give a thorough cleanout to your window. You will find window cleaning services using a more specialized tools for this, such as a strip applicator or a chamois (which you normally find in any household goods store or hardware store), but any microfibers cloths you normally use can also do the job, as long as you mop the window vigorously enough.

• Scrape off any paint marks, etc. – once the dirt has been thoroughly absorbed by the mop-up operations, you might notice that certain marks such as paint marks or depositions such as bird dropping will still remain. They have been loosened up by the cleaning solution, but still won’t come off by just mopping the window; you will have to use a scraper to remove them individually. Take care to always clean the blade after passing it over the window once – or the dirt that stuck to it will scratch the window. Also, never use scrapers on tempered glass.

• Use the squeegee – the next step is to use the squeegee. You can use it in a roughly S-shaped path, or vertically from top to bottom, but make sure to remove the soap and water as much as possible.

• Wipe the outer edges – of course, cleaning the edges and similar places with a squeegee will be hard (or even impossible); you will have to use a microfiber cloth to clean the edges of the window. It is best to use it dry, so that it will soak up all the water and soap. As for the windowsill and other places where the water has spilled, use an old towel or rag. Proceed with these steps for the inside and outside, and voila, a sparkling windowpane!


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