Ethan Gibbs/ May 4, 2016/ Commercial & Residential Services

There are so many ways in keeping your interior clean and shiny. But how often do we pop the subject of keeping our exterior clean and tidy? Well, not so often because we tend to forget about it with all the indoor cleaning and decluttering. This is why in this article we came up with those often overlooked places where you need to take you’re cleaning to the outside. Take a look!
Keep your walls and fences clean
Dirt and stained walls and fences give an unpleasant look for your exterior. This is why from time to time you need to remove them and keep it all clean. Dirt and debris are likely to accumulate. For this you can use pressure washers to get rid off from it. Some of these pressure washers come with color coded spray as well. Another is to remove those stains and graffiti. Some passers-by are so annoying when they leave their prints on your wall. So, check for the stain removals for brick walls in your shopping mall. You can also contact a good graffiti removal service in your area to bring back your walls to its former glory.
Your decks and patios
Having them is not the whole point but you also need to keep them clean. For this you can pressure wash but make sure you don’t stay and wash in the same place because it can cause damage to the surface. Also the furniture and steps should also be cleaned. You can apply wood preservatives to avoid discoloration and water damage.
Clean windows
Clean windows will help you to have a good view of your exterior from indoors. One aspect of cleaning your home includes this too. For this you can do it by yourself or even contact a professional window cleaning service as well. Not just windows but all glass surfaces outdoors like glass pool fences, exterior balustrades and much more. Check online for the different window cleaner recipes if you want to do it in an inexpensive way.
The gutters
It’s important that you keep your gutters all clean and away from debris and fallen leaves. This can clog the waterways and increase problems in water disposal systems of your house. Plus, a gutter full of fallen leaves and twigs is not a good appearance at all. While you clear your gutter check for the cracks.
Get rid of that junk
You might be having fallen leaves, branches, and piles of dirt in your garden and it’s a clear impression of a messy garden. So, remove dead plants and flowers and you can turn them into valuable compost. For this add your dead leaves as well. Even the cut grass can be used. This not only neatens your garden but also helps you to make DIY compost instead of spending money for it.

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