Ethan Gibbs/ March 2, 2016/ Improvements & Maintenance

It is a universally known fact that we cannot live without the sun. It is the source of all our energy. Sunlight aids the process of photosynthesis and in turn provides food and oxygen that are the two most vital requirements for the survival of mankind or any life form on earth. Yet we often tend to disregard the values and benefits of natural light in our lives. You will be bewildered to hear the benefits of letting in natural light to your homes. Sunlight is very much important to our immune system. It increases the levels of vitamin D in our bodies and gives us healthier bones. So here are a few reasons why you should consider natural light as an important ingredient in our day to day lives.

Sunlight can reduce the amount of harmful bacteria and organisms that can be hiding in the corners of your house. The heat of natural light can penetrate clothing to corners and remove such germs. Therefore sunlight can be treated as a natural disinfectant. It also possesses healing powers. Sunlight is good for bone health and it can protect you from dementia and brain aging. It strengthens teeth and helps to keep your complexion clear and your skin healthier. It is always good to design your home in a way that ample amounts of natural light can be obtained during the day time. You can control the light and the glare with curtains or blinds given that different varieties are now available such as dual roller blinds, opaque blinds and venetian blinds.

Sunlight also has several other unbelievable benefits that you may never think of. It improves your circulation by dilating the blood vessels on your skin. It could keep your heart healthy by keeping the heart rate low and reducing the blood pressure. It also encourages the production of white blood cells which will definitely boost your immune system and guard your body from infections. Another unbelievable benefit of natural light is that it boosts serotonin which is of course your body’s happy hormone!

So if you’re thinking on increasing the intake of natural light to your home, open curtains and shades during the day. Use roller blinds to let only the light in and keep other things out. Paint your window trims white and use a light colour palette to paint your rooms. You could even include tubular skylights to get maximum light to your house.

However there are incredible benefits associated with exposing yourself to natural light. From improving your mood to fighting diseases and helping you get better sleep, the benefits of natural light are uncountable. It also saves you money. So stop wasting your money on flicking the switch during day time. Shift to natural light.

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