Ethan Gibbs/ June 2, 2016/ Commercial & Residential Services

No one likes to live the same way all year rather they want a change to add some spice to their life. This is the principle that applies even to one home. Save up extra money each month from your salary and leave it aside to just upgrade the items and comfort of your home. Even if it is a small change it will bring about a new aura. There are so many different ways one could upgrade ones home and a short list is given below depending on one’s monthly saving.

For the beginners

If you have just recently completed building your home then spending for other items are a little difficult but, there are still ample of methods to use a little money efficiently during the upgrading process. One could start buying the necessary furniture for the home. Keep it simple as simplicity is now considered as sophisticated. Do not over crowd your home with furniture. One could invest on small ornaments to add colour to the living rooms or even the rooms.

For the middle class

The best upgrade which gives the most comfort is to install an air conditioning system in one rooms and even the living room.

Air conditioning systems tend to take up a lot of electricity and are thus not energy efficient. To make it energy efficient one could install a solar panel. One could also give away all the old furniture by either auctioning it or selling it to a second hand furniture shop to get extra money to invest on a new set of furniture. One could even get a lovely wall mural that would add such a fine touch to ones wall.

For the elite class

If one has a garden one could upgrade that into a beautiful terrace. In the terrace one could install a lounge so ones family could get together and rest which will help spend some quality time together. One could even have a small pond and have few fish in them as this is this increases the aesthetic appeal of the terrace.

One could even install some designer curtains that will give ones house a more grand and luxurious look. Upgrading ones washroom by building a Jacuzzi or a tub will of course increase the value of the house by two folds. One could even renovate ones home by hiring a professional architect or interior designer but this costs tons by worthwhile as it brings about a positive change to the home.

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