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The Silk road was a network of trade routes used for centuries which connected the East and the West. It was a route that was very popular and used extensively. The name “Silk Road” comes from the Eurasian Silk, which was a major factor in the creation of the road. This includes the maritime and land routes. The main traders of these routes were China, India, Somalia, Persians, Syrians, Greeks, Romans, Turkmens, Georgians, Bactrians and Sogdians.

There were various trades along these roads. Central Eurasia had horse breeding communities. These communities bred horses primarily for trade. They were also craftsman that crafted many things that was used in trade. At the time silk was considered an expensive fabric that were given to royalty. Traces of silk brought from China can be found in tombs and excavated sites in Egypt.

The connection between East and West introduced Gold from Central Asia. Further Jade statues from China can be found in countries China as they were traded at the time. The silk road was not really formed but it was created through the connection of many routes used by different countries and empires. An example of this would be the Persian Royal Road which integrated into the silk road.

The silk road expanded as territories joined in and the expansion of Alexander the Great’s empire further made the road more expansive. As the empire grew, so did the silk road. At the time, this was one of the only and main form of trading carried. These routes were tried and tested, therefore, made trading easy and it could be done in a matter of days as opposed to it taking months. Today trade happens every second of the day. Companies buy shipping containers Perth and ship many things all the time. It is much more expansive than it was when the silk road existed but the silk road is one of the main reasons for technology growth as well.

As empires fell and new ones rose, the silk road was integral for this. The Roman empire was another empire that used the Silk road and connected many regions. Similarly, empires and times such as the Byzantine empire, Tang dynasty, Medieval era, Islamic era and the Mongol route all expanded the silk road. Today we use a shipping container to carry many things but at the time they resorted to different methods.

After the fall of the Mongol empire, the silk road disintegrated. This paved way to new routes to be formed. This led to the creation and the expansion of the New silk road that we use up to today.

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